Read this before reporting bugs!

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Read this before reporting bugs! Empty Read this before reporting bugs!

Post by RasberryShadePony on Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:13 pm

Hey everypony! We're so glad you're going to be squashing out those pesky bugs in our game.

If you're going to be filling out a bug report, please do the following:

1. Check to make sure no one else has already reported the bug. Scan through all the threads in this board, and use the forum search function if you have to.

2. Clearly state the bug in the Subject.

3. State how you got the bug and how to replicate the bug.

4. Screenshots of the bug are also useful.

Lastly, any suggestion threads will be taken down.

Have fun playing and be sure to report those bugs!

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Read this before reporting bugs! TPP_Forum
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